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Rules and Regulations

  1. Communication
    1. Emails and messages
      1. zombiegamrsqd@gmail.com
    2. Work as a team – NO LONE WOLVES
      1. You will always be on the same side as a fellow teammate
      2. No hacking / cheating / glitching / exploiting
        1. Members found exhibiting any of the above will be immediately kicked and banned
    3. Leaders / officers
      1. Respect chain of command
      2. Teams are run by officers
        1. All members in teams must respect and follow the officers practice schedules and rules
      3. Leaders are in charge while owner is away
        1. Any issues- leaders will have a 24/7 way of contacting owner
        2. Meetings will be held to discuss issues
      4. Do not jump rank
        1. If you have any problems, go to the higher rank
          1. Any H.R. issues or issues with your immediate leader contact ZombieMom
      5. When recruiting – all members must talk to leader or owner of ZGS
        1. A message must be sent to ZombieMom via FaceBook or Xbox with the email and the gamer tag that is recruiting you (your leader)
        1. Officers are allowed to make trades between each other, after officers make a deal, they must take it to leaders for final approval
    4. Miscellaneous
      1. No dating clan members
        1. Only exception is for those whom already have a relationship prior to joining
      2. Age is 18 years or older
        1. Any person 17 years or younger (with some exceptions) will be put in our Junior division
      3. Console warranty is $20 per month for one console, and an additional $5 per console.
        1. This excludes controllers, external hard drives, headsets, etc...
  2. Streaming and gaming
    1. Gamer tag
      1. Everyone must always wear ZGS tag (such as Black Ops 4) - MUST STAY AT ALL TIMES, NO EXCEPTIONS
          2.   If ZGS is in the Gamertag, You do not need to display ZGS in Clan tag. but nothing else will be displayed in clan tag
    2. Respect
      1. No “x-rated” talk / sexual talk
      2. No threats
        1. Any threats made is an automatic termination of ZGS for life
      3. Swearing
        1. Appropriate – if a gamer has children around that can hear, respect must be made if player requests you to stop
      4. Discrimination will not be tolerated
      5. No cyber bullying in any form or any reason
      6. No flooding or spamming the ZGS official chat channels
      7. All clan members are to leave management of players to the owners and leaders
        1. Leaders are to report any of the above or inappropriate gaming to the owner / HR department
  3. Meetings and podcast
    1. During all meetings
      1. Mandatory twice per month
        1. Leader/Officer - Every other Saturday @ 9pm EST TIME. 
        2. Teams - Officer will post their meetings on the events page following the Leader/Officer meeting
        3. Special events can be added with notice
      2. No games can be played
        1. Keep distractions to a minimum
      3. Off topic conversations
        1. Keep to a minimum
      4. Must have mic during all meetings
        1. Also, must contribute to all meetings
      5. Promotions can be requested
        1. All promotions are voted on between all leaders and owners
          1. Votes will be done discretely, not in full “view” of clan
      6. Any missed meetings
        1. Must notify ZombieMom by the Friday before
        2. An e-mail will be sent after the meeting of discussion
    2. Podcasts
      1. Discord for podcasts only
      2. Every Saturday at midnight
      3. They will be uploaded to YouTube for anyone that wants to listen at a later date and time

Rules and Regulations can change at any time, Its your responsibility to keep up to date on them. 
Last Updated: 5/20/2019 

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